Martin O.




JAVA (Simulation of the railway network of the Czech Republic)

  • program simulating the rail transportation in the CR
  • finding the shortest path for each passenger
  • allows you to adjust the density of people in the network
Zeleznica kod Zeleznica

PHP (Management game - Stock Exchange)

  • simulation of the Prague Stock Exchange
  • need to correctly interpret messages and to estimate their effect on the development of shares
  • graphical representation of the development of shares
MH Burza

C++ (Notebook calendar)

  • program working as classic notebook calendar
  • ability to add, delete and edit repeating events, and no-repeating
  • contains general calendar with notes
Diar kod Diar

C# (Crossroads)

  • program seeking the shortest route in the city
  • effective use of Dijikstra's Algorithm
  • works well in the console as well as windows application
Krizovatky kod Krizovatky

Borland Pascal (Worms)

  • game for 4 players
  • rules similar to the Snake plus some functions in addition
  • winner is who lasts the longest or who eats most meals
Cervi menu Cervi

Borland Pascal (Ships)

  • parlour game Ships
  • game for one player
  • random generation of ships on the board under the rules of the game
Lode Lode

Borland Pascal (Snake)

  • classic PC game called snake
  • all the base features ot the game Snake
Snake Snake